Media Analysis

We have had a lot of conversations throughout the first part of this semester and all of them were very interesting and useful for everyday life.  Since we are only allowed to choose one take away from this course, I decided to find an image about ‘Male Gaze’.  My biggest take away from this class was when we had our conversation about gaze.  In this image it is showing two men looking at a woman from behind and then one man standing in front of her, which I assume is also gazing at her.  In this image there is a caption explaining that whoever is the one gazing is a much more superior person than the person who is being gazed at.  After selecting the image I thought about how this can mean something to me and when I came to a conclusion, I decided that it means, gazing is occurring all the time throughout the world.  The image I chose is a great example of what actually happens when there is a group of men together in public and a pretty woman walks by. Men have a tendency to stare at woman if they have, what they think, a good looking body. I hope that after posting this blog others can take away from this that it is not okay to be the superior person because in my opinion I believe that it is invading someone’s privacy even if there is no contact involved. Everyone keep their eyes to themselves!

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