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Something’s Suspicious..

The above “gif” accurately depicts how I now enter various websites and apps. Prior to taking Media and Society, I would surf the web freely and without hesitation. After reading about Edward Snowden and his exposing of the NSA and their mass surveillance of us and watching Do Not Track which opens your mind to […]

Profits Over Humans

When I came into this course I, as a film major, had assumed that media only encompassed social media and television/film. As the course went on my biggest take away was the full reach of the media and the internet. Through the use of the internet, media has become diluted, the use of social media […]

Importance of Attention

Buying Attention The above image summarizes my biggest takeaway from this course; that our attention is constantly being fought for. The image shows multiple people each going about their lives seemingly in a hurry, the one thing all these individuals have in common is their faces are burried in a phone. To me this image […]

Media Analysis

I believe that my biggest takeaway from this course has been the amount of power and influence that media has on society. It is almost as if media and different platforms shape our lives and the way we connect with each other. The image I chose shows men and women, all coming from different backgrounds […]

Social Media Platforms Lack of Accountability

One example of United States legislation that excuses social media companies from liability from instances of communication depicting hatred and violence is Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act of 1996. It is said in Section 230 that “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker […]

Trolling and Flooding

Tim Wu argues that contemporary changes in speech control can cause language to be used almost as a weapon, through methods such as “trolling” and “flooding”. Wu states that “In Who Controls the Internet, Jack Goldsmith and I argued that powerful states would attempt to reshape the network and its architecture to serve their interests” […]

Advertising and Strategies

The first advertisement I chose happens to be from Snickers. In the commercial, the scene is a backyard football game. Betty White is participating. She is knocked to the grown and then scolded by her teammates for her performance. It turns out that after eating a Snickers, this was not Betty White, as it was […]

Understanding of Media

Over the course of this past month, my understanding of the media and it’s capabilities has increased greatly. Prior to Covid-19 being declared a global pandemic and HWS colleges transitioning to remote learning, I knew that the impact that media has on society was powerful, but I wasn’t sure to what extent. We always hear […]

Study of media helps us question anything, not everything.

We are surrounded by media most of the time. Advertisements, articles, social media posts, new shows being recommended on Netflix – anytime we go out or plug in, we are shown a constant stream of new things to look at. Part of the reason I took this class was to gain a deeper understanding of […]

A Coup by Fake News

We discussed a variety of different topics throughout this class. The one that caught my attention the most was the fabrication of fake news. This was particularly interesting to me because it is so relevant in today’s society. I chose this picture because it depicts very clearly how fake news and false information is starting […]


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