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My understanding of the media changed drastically over the last month as COVID-19 starting spreading further into the United States. Sources such as the president of the U.S. started to become a joke. Local news started to seem much gloomier and honestly not worth watching. As HWS colleges began to transition to remote education indefinitely for the rest of the spring semester, my stress and anxiety increased. Being at home is fine, but I prefer being in the colleges because I was able to be in the right headspace for work. While I do my work here at home, I look outside my window ever so often; I witness the change this pandemic has had on the City, only feeding further into my increasing stress and anxiety.

How I feel looking at the window

Right now, for me, the only source to escape from the world is online. One study shows that being online only increases anxiety, “Young adults who spend more than 20 hours of leisure time per week on digital devices were 53 percent more likely to have anxiety than young adults who spend fewer than 5 hours a week on digital devices” (Kane 2019). Now the dilemma that I have is what I’m supposed to do? If being online is only being taxing on my mental health, what can I do? I can’t talk to friends due to being in a time zone different from them, and if I want to watch a show to give myself peace of mind, then there is the internet just crashing down. Lastly, I just fear for my parent’s health, in general, they are still at work in the City where cases are just exponentially growing like WTF. Honestly, I look at the positive while the world sort of is burning down. I’m at home in good physical health and good food to eat, and I get a lot of rest. That is my section of the Mixtape what about you?

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