Social Media Platforms Safe?

One example that excuses social media companies from liability towards people who post horrific captions and/or comments on their platform is the Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.  This act, which was passed in 1996, states that an “interactive computer service” can’t be treated as the publisher or speaker of third-party content.  This means, if someone decided to log on to a social media platform to post something hurtful towards another person then the company, where the post was posted, is not liable for whatever that person chose to say.  Section 230 also states that companies are able to remove posts that they deem are necessary to remove, but they are not required to take down any posts that have hatred involved because the company will be protected by Section 230, stating they are not liable to any of those posts.

Gilespie’s title, “The Myth of a Neutral Platform”, refers to a myth that social media platforms are this “safe space” where no matter how you look, talk, or what your views are, you will be accepted on social media.  Why is this a myth?  It is a myth because of the amount of illegal stuff people are able to get away with through social media, for example, harassment towards others.  “It can be hard to deal with or pick out negative ads because authors are often protected under “freedom of speech”” (Dan and Patrick).  Even though we as a world have made massive strides in social media advancements, there are also many more rules and regulations that still need to be put in place so that we can have a cleaner and safer internet for everybody. 

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