What does it mean to watch TV?

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The picture I chose to use was a picture of TV. I chose a picture of a TV because it reminded me of one of our first lectures. In the lecture, we had a class wide discussion of what watching TV means to you. Although it seemed like a fairly easy question, it had many answers. In my opinion, watching tv meant to actually turn the TV on, turn your cable provider on, and flip through channels and find a channel that entertained you. This lecture proved to me that watching TV meant many different things today in media society. Watching TV could mean, watching cable provider TV, watching Netflix, Youtube TV, Hulu, or HBO Go. It has shown that there are so many different media streaming platforms and to watch TV could mean many different things. Today, it is unclear when it means to watch TV. It has taught that media streaming platforms are being revolutionized and are evolving. Growing up as a kid, Netflix was not an online streaming service and to use Netflix, movies were sent by CD’s in the mail. Youtube TV, HBO Go, and Hulu, were not a thing growing up, so watching TV meant one thing, to turn the TV on and flip through the channels. I hope others can learn from seeing this is that the evolution of watching TV, TV, and media streaming platforms have evolved since I was a kid. To watch TV can mean a bunch of different things. Therefore, by saying, I’m going to watch TV is insufficient and that you have to be more specific because of many different media streaming platforms such as Netflix, Youtube TV, Hulu, and HBO Go.

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