Set up a WordPress account & create your first post in 9 steps

[Note that the first steps work best on a device other than your cell phone. Once you set up the account, can use the WordPress free mobile app for creating your future posts.]

  1. Using the link you got in your email, set up a WordPress account.
  2. Accept an invitation to become an author to this blog. Once you do, you will be taken to the WordPress author interface. Note that you can choose what name you want to be publicly displayed as the author of your posts. Go to My Profile/ Public Display Name.

3. To start writing your post, go to Posts / Add new post.

4. You will be taken your workstation. You can create the title, text, and insert a range of elements as “blocks” (images, gifs, videos, etc.). The system saves any changes you make to your post in Drafts.

5. When you are done with the post, simply press “Publish.”

6. Before you publish your post, be sure to add at least 3 tags to your post, these tags help organize the information on the blog and help search engines find the content you create.

7. The interface will ask you if you are ready to publish. If so, go ahead. In the case provided to you as an example, the post is titled “Test post.” Once it is published, the system pops up the dialogue “[title of your post] is now live.” Note that you can always edit your posts even after these have been published.

8. You can view the post by pressing “View post.”

9. To go back to editing, press the top left section “My Site.” When you go back to your Author interface, under Posts, you will see all of your posts and drafts created to date.

Congratulations, you have created your post on WordPress!