Something’s Suspicious..

The above “gif” accurately depicts how I now enter various websites and apps. Prior to taking Media and Society, I would surf the web freely and without hesitation. After reading about Edward Snowden and his exposing of the NSA and their mass surveillance of us and watching Do Not Track which opens your mind to how your data is collected on the internet, I can no longer feel as safe on the web. And frankly… neither should you. To be honest, I never used to know what cookies were until I learned about them in class. Every time a website asked for access to my cookies, I would click yes without a second thought. By allowing a website to have access to your cookies, you could be giving away very valuable information. Cookies are essentially small files comprised of your preferences and history when it comes to using the internet and other websites want access to that. I think it is very important that our citizens know what cookies are and what is happening to their “privacy” every time they access the internet. The picture above is an accurate depiction of me when I now enter a website and/or get asked for my information. I think fellow internet users should have the same demeanor when entering the internet themselves. I am not trying to scare you all into not using the internet. The internet offers so many positive tools…my only advice is to tread a little more carefully and educate yourself of what happens to your data.


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