Profits Over Humans

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When I came into this course I, as a film major, had assumed that media only encompassed social media and television/film. As the course went on my biggest take away was the full reach of the media and the internet. Through the use of the internet, media has become diluted, the use of social media and internet outlets have allowed massive amounts of misinformation to become available to the masses. Without a restricting or overarching body that can filter the false information there is no way to protect many people who would be susceptible to hate speech and the violence that would ensue. We see nowadays big companies have been sued and brought to court, yet they escape unscathed because of the first amendment. They facilitate these groups and allow them to go on unimpeded because they don’t want to lose profits from ads. They say that they want to uphold the first amendment to the loosest possible standard. But that amendment was created when there were maybe two media outlets, newspapers, and they could not mass produce their news like we can now. As times change, shouldn’t our laws change as well to keep up? We can no longer allow this hate speech and violence to be facilitated because these big companies don’t want to lose users or profits, lives and humanity is more important, but the people in charge do not see it that way.


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