Media Analysis

I believe that my biggest takeaway from this course has been the amount of power and influence that media has on society. It is almost as if media and different platforms shape our lives and the way we connect with each other. The image I chose shows men and women, all coming from different backgrounds and parts of the world. It shows all of the different ways that these people are using media, whether it be for streaming music, sending emails, browsing the web, or socializing on social media. It also shows links and connections between each of these people. I believe that these small connections symbolize that no matter how far apart we are in the world, through media we can always be connected and in a sense “together”. I never truly realized how media can do this before taking this course. Like the image suggests, distance between people all over the world seems a lot shorter through the use of media and the possibilities it allows. I think this is something that many of us will be able to relate to now. With all of us being home, although not in the way that is most ideal, we have still been able to keep in contact with many of our friends who may live further away from us. This is a concept that we are so used to, but when given deep thought, it can be had to grasp.


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