Importance of Attention

Buying Attention

The above image summarizes my biggest takeaway from this course; that our attention is constantly being fought for. The image shows multiple people each going about their lives seemingly in a hurry, the one thing all these individuals have in common is their faces are burried in a phone. To me this image shows the influence technology has in society. The evolution of technology is the reason attention is one of the most valuable things in the world. Companies, politicians, loved ones are in a constant war with one another trying to get more attention. Technology has allowed for us to have the world at our fingertips and for all of its benefits it does have its downfalls. I realized this when I performed the “Digital Detox” for this course. The digital detox showed me the power of human interaction and how there is benefits to slowing down and just being in the moment. When you have the world at your fingertips you must be able to seperate the good from the bad. An individual has to know and understand the concepts of flooding, trolls, fake news, advertisement and various other forms of media. This is crucial because unless you understand how these concepts work then you put yourself at risk to fall victim and have your decisions influenced by outside sources. When other people see this picture I hope it makes them think of the influence technology has in our lives especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. Once they see the influence it has I hope it encourages them to take a step back from their devices and interact more with the world and loved ones around them.



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