Safety Of Social Media

Social media allows people to share a lot of information or how they feel, even if the content isn’t appropriate. Terrorist attacks, hatred towards minorities, and other negative motives have been streamed or videos posted on platforms such as Reddit and Youtube. An example of U.S legislation which to this day excuses social media companies from liability towards moments that promote hatred/violence is Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Basically, this act protects the websites when an individual does post something inappropriate, the website is not liable for this. The website (whether Youtube, Reddit,etc..) can also take down any videos that they may believe is promoting any hate, violence, or anything negative.

In “The Myth of a Neutral Platform” by T. Gilepsie, in other words the title means that no matter what content an individual puts out there, your opinions or views ok for one to post because they’ll be accepted or everyone will be “neutral” about everything. This is a myth because there are constantly people out there getting by with posting negative things or doing wrong to others. Yet it’s still difficult to identify certain ads or posts online that are negative, as Patrick and Dan said, because these people have protection through freedom of speech. With all the benefits and access to information we have at our fingertips, it also allows the creation of hate and violence that the rest of the world can see.


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