Media Analysis

Above is the image I chose for this final blog post. It displays two people, acting as machines, transferring information through differenent social media platforms/uses to one another. One of the biggest takeaways I had from this class has been the influence of social media on people. How it shapes our views, beliefs, as well as our own self perspective. With an endless amount of information at our fingertips we can receive and put out information into the virtual world that can either positively or negatively impact another person(s). When looking back at everything we’ve gone over this past semester, much of it stems back to influence that media has on us. For instance in the presentation myself and Jaylon gave, we discussed woman in the technological workplace today. It displayed how media shapes influences and shapes our own views of what we “should” believe or act on when dealing with or discussing a certain topic. Another example is the male gaze in movies, it displays how it influences viewers to create this objectified perspective on woman. People also have the ability to post hateful things on the internet as well, as said in the last blog post, which can negatively infliuence and discriminate others. With all of these negative impacts, media can influence others in positive ways. Supportive posts and helpful videos can benefit others and help them learn and become better individuals. So, overall the influence that occurs is extremely important given the impact social media has on our society today. Especially during a time like this, technology and media is more important than ever in mending our society and being there to inform and help others.


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