Internet Cookies and what the issues are

Source : Google images

Earlier in the year we learned about internet cookies within the websites we all use and what those actually do with the information we provide with them. Interestingly enough amongst the 4.33 billion people on the internet a whole lot of them have no idea what cookies are. I was part of that statistic until I learned about them in this class. The process begins when a user hits “ok” or “agree to terms” or “yes” after the notification pops up like in the images shown above the user is giving up so much more knowledge to that website than they realize. Those cookies act as a part of the website’s brain learning about your activity and behavior while you are on their website. This allows them to produce specific ads and sponsors tailored to the users likes without them realizing that it is happening. Not only this but it also records all the data you produce by being on their website and agreeing to the use of cookies. This could consist of the duration you spent on the website, what you looked out, every single click you make is archived in a database somewhere just because you clicked “ok”. The point I am trying to make about cookies is that if you view the images above you see the various presentations of how websites display the option to say yes or no to cookies on their websites. The first one is very specific describing somewhat how cookies work to the user and showing detailed results under each option for clarity. Notice the images below are not similar because they display vague short questions that are presented so lightly with no indication of purpose to the less enlightened. This skeevy way to make users view it as a pop up to just agree to and not actually realize what they are agreeing to is not an honest way to run a website or company. The problem with cookies isn’t very present amongst our community compared to other media issues like free speech and behavioral limitations. However the issue with cookies is the violation of privacy and the unknown of this knowledge to the common public. This image should resonate with viewers to show how hidden most knowledge is on the internet. I chose this image because after learning this I thought about it the most when going on different websites and saw the prompt to agree or disagree. I find this topic very interesting as it is essentially a user tracker on everyone that visits a certain website which to me is absurd.

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