First Amendment

One example of trolling in the United States media is the example of Russian propaganda bots. Russian propaganda bots are fake accounts that are used to promote certain ideas in order to make them seem favorable. The example I am talking about is from the 2016 US Presidential Election. Russian propaganda bots were used on twitter to influence the opinions of American voters.

An example of flooding is from 2017 when the proposed revocation of net neutrality became available to the public for comments, millions of bots were put onto the site, flooding the site with thousands of fake comments.

U.S. Investigating Fake Comments on 'Net Neutrality' - WSJ

I agree with Wu that in the United States today, the changing communication techniques like flooding and trolling should be met with new legal frameworks that are better suited to deal with todays speech environment. If we do not adapt the legal parameters so that they change with the times, then old rules that have lost relevance may still exist. Like Vietnam introducing fines for fake corona virus information, there are circumstances that have risen in todays speech environment that old speech laws do not cover. As the speech environment, and media as a whole continue to change we must make sure we change our legislation accordingly.


Wu, Tim. Is the First Amendment Obsolete?


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