Blog Post 5

Most Popular Social Media Platforms Around the World - AddThis

This image represents what I have taken away from this class as a whole. The overarching theme that I have taken away from the course is that media can connect you with the rest of the world, both from a recreational stand point and a professional stand point. Essentially I realized how encompassing the term media is, and how many different facets of media exist in the world. Before the course when asked about media I probably would have only thought about social media, but after taking the course I realize how it refers to everything from the internet to TV to twitter. I learned throughout the semester that media can be very influential, and can change the way the world operates. Like when we learned about Pussy Riot, and about how they have used media to change societal norms, and to encourage women to protest. Learning about this made me realize that media can be used to change countries for the better, when before I thought media was basically just YouTube videos. The course has also taught me that not all sources in media are trustworthy. Learning about trolling and flooding and propaganda bots made me realize that not everyone on the internet is who they claim to be, and you have to be cognizant of what agenda someone might be trying to inflict on you. In conclusion this course taught me the worldly importance of media, how media can be used professionally in the workplace, and how media can be used to influence and change cultures. With todays advanced media, we really do have the world at our finger tips.


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