Trolling and Flooding

Internet trolling is occuring everywhere and is always making an impact on a certain group of people that the trolls may be trying to attack.  According to Tim Wu from the reading he describes trolling as “the speech control techniques, which seek to humiliate, harass, discourage, and even destroy targeted users with personal threats, embarrassment, and ruining of their reputations.” (Wu 560)  One example of trolling that I found was when someone created fake scam emails that were sent out to people requesting for their personal information.  The scam was created so that the hackers can get your logon banking details, or access to an account that contains credit card information.  Below is an example of what the scam email looked like that was sent out for information.

According to Tim Wu flooding the internet is described as, “these techniques depend on the idea of generating a sufficient volume of information to drown out disfavored speech, or at least dissorting the sense of how much support any given view has.” (Wu 565)  Flooding is something that trolls are going to do so that they can make a certain group not think about a topic, by “flooding” them with other news.  One example that I found was about the Russian trolls flooding the United states with news that they know will cause tension between us.

How To Spot Russian Trolls Online Ahead Of 2020 Election | Here & Now

Finally, after reading over the slides I clicked on the links that lead me to the rules of twitter and facebook about what can and cannot be shared within the sites.  I agree with how the two platforms are handling the internet trolling situation because since they put these regulations and safety rules in it restricts people who are trying to throw shade at a certain target.  It is obvious to completely stop all of this at once because there will always be someone in the world who is a step ahead of everyone, but I do believe what the slides said is the best option moving forward.  

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