Freedom of Speech

Trolling is often regarded as funny comical jargain of the internet for people that don’t know how to spend their time properly. However when looked at more in depth you can see how horrible some trolling on the internet can be much more harmful than given credit to be. Death threats, racism, sexism, homophobic remarks all are included in some of the content I am talking about. Free speech is given to the american citizen and gives us the right to say what we want without restraints or censorship. Allowing this to apply on the internet allows people to hide behind screens and distribute negativty in the world with hateful comments and harmful trolling. Not all trolling is like this but they are all at different certain degrees of degrading to whoever the target of the troll is. Seen in the link below about an incident in california where they actually had to take away the first ammendment right when it came to social media.

Here is a chart explaining the number of posts in which different things were being targeted with trolling and internet flooding. As Wu’s talked of the weaponization of speech I think it shows how evident that statement is in society especially in the past decade.

A good example of what a troll is on the internet is googles definition of someone initiating an argument consisting of the goal to create chaos and adverse reaction from the victim and audience essentially. Shown in the youtube video below explains the various ways Trolls behave on the internet and the consequences it has with media and society.

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