Trolling vs. Flooding

Wu talks about two major opposites in relation to the freedom of speech amendment, flooding vs. trolling, each has its own pitfalls. When one has a media presence in our society image is a huge part of that presence. That image must be maintained to maintain relevance, in our modern political situation, opponents will do whatever it takes to destroy that image and promote their own. These opponents take to creating attack ads that run and defame their rivals. Wu talks about this process on page 562, “An important variation of such defamation campaigns are discrediting campaigns—efforts to impugn not just the character of the target but its status as a source of reliable information.” Some cases take place between different parties vying for the same office, but others come from within parties when one is trying to get ahead of the other in the race. A great example of this and Wu’s comments comes from Joe Biden running an ad campaign against Peter Buttigieg, saying that Buttigieg would not be a good president because he has only been mayor of a “small” town.

These ads serve only to destroy the image that the person it is attacking is an unreliable source for information and unable to hold that office. In relation to Wu and flooding, we need only look at the reported cases of COVID-19 in China, while America and other major world powers have been very open about the amount of cases in each country, China has been reporting 0 new cases for the first time in a 24hr period. This has surfaced on many websites but the way each has described what it means depends on the outlet, on they praise the chinese government saying that this is a milestone in the way that the chinese government has responded to the pandemic. But comments from major editors say that these numbers are merely there for you to take them as the government wants them to be taken.

it is not letting me post the link to the Supchina article, but I will email it to you.

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