Midterm Makeup

Option 1:

Chris Bartosic’s blog post about advertising helped me learn some new things about how media is used in advertising to appeal to the viewer, and to attract the viewer to a product. Chris talks about how companies try to be remembered by certain icons, rather than the product itself. For example he talks about how Doritos is known for having funny Super Bowl commercials. This made me realize how advertising can be just as important as having a product. Wether its through taste, or humor, all that matters is that consumers will remember the name Doritos, making it more likely that they purchase the product. This made me realize that companies such as Geico use icons to build brand recognition. Geico constantly uses the gecko with the British accent to make the company seem familiar in the eyes of the consumer.

This cartoon provides a satirical take on the way that companies have been changing there advertising strategies in attempts to catch the attention of consumers. The idea is that if the company can get you to remember its product, then when you see the product, or need a similar product, you will purchase the product of that specific brand because it now seems familiar to you.



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