Advertisements throughout the past couple decades have evolved immensely in different ways that people can have never imagined. When I first think about advertising, I think about the super bowl commercials that occur every year which provide the most revenue out of any sporting event advertisements. These ads are not remembered because of the brand that the product is but because of how the company portrays that certain product. For example, Doritos chips are known for having some of the best commercials in Super Bowl history because of the humor that they provide within each commercial. A couple of advertisements that Doritos has done so far are….

These two commercials are most eye opening to the viewer because of the humor that is involved in both of them.  As you can see each ad does not have much information about their product, instead they want to make it humorous and enjoyable so that you go back and watch it again which makes more money for the company.  With that being said, advertisements play a huge role in the amount of money that a company is going to bring in during the year and there are many different strategies on how to advertise your product.


Raymond Williams “Advertising: The Magic System,”

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