The Power of Dorito’s

The argument Williams makes regarding advertisement, is how advertisers must embrace the criticisms of advertisement in order to create better advertisements. Doritos Super Bowl advertisements are a beautiful example of this. For example view the following ads;

Doritos Ultrasound SuperBowl Commercial 

Doritos Revival Super Bowl Commercial 

These two advertisements show that doritos has an advanced understanding of the criticism of advertisements and used it to create an, “so ludicrously exaggerated as to include the critical response.” (Williams, “Advertising: The Magic System,” 331). In these ads doritos is not just selling the physical bag of doritos, they are selling the idea that a bag of doritos has such extreme flavor that it’s the driving force for life. In the first advertisement, Doritos are so good that the husband is eating them at his wife’s ultrasound and the baby can sense the doritos nearby and is born prematurely as he/she desperately wants Doritos. In the second advertisement the Doritos can revive anything, even a human.  This is important because as R.Williams writes, “It is impossible to look at modern advertising without realizing that the material object being sold is never enough.” (Williams, “Advertising: The Magic System,” 335). It is obvious that Doritos has a sophisticated understanding of advertising. They make claims that are insane and in no way possible but, it generates a humorous response from viewers and helps attract future customers. 


Raymond Williams “Advertising: The Magic System,”

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