by: Quint Noyes

In the unique world of advertising multiple factors go into play in establishing a good advertisement. The key things to invest in when dedicated to getting proactivity out of the audience when making a commercial or ad is based off of multifaceted reactions and ideologies. F0r example in the Coke ad with the polar bears that most of us see during the Holidays on TV show the polar bears wrestling around to get the coke in the end which gives the “everything going to be okay” feeling into it. This is an advertising technique because like those polar bears us humans wrestle with constant stresses and adversity that make it harder to achieve our goal of feeling “like everything is going to be alright” this add too shows us how to get there starts with just one sip of Coke or even the aspiration to just drink a Coke. This can be easily translated into different products and consumers along with every day life values.

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