Internet Structure #midtermmakeup

The original structure of the internet was decentralized. A decentralized internet wouldn’t have a single point of failure and therefore would be the best way for the internet to be structured. Our current internet has evolved and become centralized. Centralization of the internet means that there is a select group which can control what information is released. Large corporations, like Facebook and Google, have control over what is being seen or promoted. As the internet becomes more centralized these corporations have more control over content and how it is viewed. This can lead to problems such as the promotion of misleading information, allowing the companies to broadcast what they feel is important, and hide what they feel is irrelevant. A point of failure is being created as more companies take control of the internet. As the internet has evolved it has also become a place for data to be collected. Information that is put into profiles created on social networking sites is saved and stored by companies. The data you put into the internet is no longer your own and in some way belongs to the website as well as yourself. The arguments made by Freuler have made me consider the amount of information I have unknowingly agreed to give up to companies. It also makes me wonder if the decentralization of the internet is even possible. The companies that control the internet have vast resources. This could make it difficult to try and limit their influence over the internet.


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