Coronavirus #midtermmakeup

Viruses are not by any means uncommon. We’ve all had our fair share of runny noses and sick days in bed as result of the common cold. What’s interesting is how the coronavirus has so quickly created a panic worldwide. People are stocking up on everything, buying out grocery stores to the point where there is no stock left. Why is there such panic? Is it necessary to take such drastic precautions? The flu kills thousands of Americans every year but no one seems to worry. Influenza has taken the life of 10,000 people just this season. The difference between the coronavirus and the flu is our expectations. The panic is a result of the constant media broadcast of the coronavirus. Every news station gives us live updates on cases and confirmed deaths. However we expect the flu to come back every season, so the media does not believe it’s necessary to as deeply cover this subject. The coronavirus is unexpected, foriegn, and it’s origin is still not pinpointed. It’s the hot topic. It makes a great story about struggling journalists in big media production corporations. I’m not minimizing the issue of the coronavirus, I understand it is now a global pandemic, and safety measures should be taken. However what I am stating is that the media has done a terrible job of conveying a full and complete story on the virus. Honestly it seems as if they want to induce panic amongst the public. This event has made me more skeptical of the mainstream media. Posts. The Picture below shows how many more deaths there have been from the flu than coronavirus. Although this figure was at the beginning of the outbreak. But as of today april 5th there have been 9,000 deaths from the virus. This pales in comparison to the seasonal flu. Another reason there is such great fear surrounding the coronavirus is also because we do not have a vaccine. However we do have a vaccine for the flu. In the midst of this global pandemic the media has failed us.


Some perspective on the #Coronavirus #COVID19 from the CDC

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