Disinformation: #midtermmakeup

After reading Katie Benvenuto’s post, Media Truth, I reflected on the media in which I refer to the information and news that I use to keep up to date with the COVID-19 pandemic. One question that came to me when reading Katie’s post was, does the media sources I refer to for COVID-19 pandemic information resemble disinformation? According to Claire Wardle, “disinformation is false information created and shared by people with harmful intent”.  I realized how valuable and important this question is when accessing media sources for news updates because sources on media can be unreliable for the sake of entertainment as stated above. This question should be thought about when reading up on the news, especially about the pandemic. Another question that came to me about the exploration of media to stay up to date on news, is if disinformation is backed with harmful intent, why would someone share and create false information for the sake of harmful intent? A question that I still can not find the answer to. I can truthfully say that I do agree with Katie when getting reliable news updates from my family and a handful of media sources, one being my local news channel.


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