Social Media Usage During COVID-19 #midtermmakeup

I feel very compelled to reflect on my own experience with media in comparison to Grant’s blog post, which emphasizes just how much time people are now spending on these platforms. Although I have been using my time wisely to look up current information on the status of the Coronavirus, I have found myself to be using apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc., significantly more than I would if I were at Hobart & William Smith. I am confident that this is because I literally have nothing else to do besides homework, so I fall into this hole that social media tends to push people in. One company,, examined 260 of its own campaigns including over 7.5 million Instagram posts and saw a 76 percent increase in daily accumulated likes on ad posts over the last two weeks. The company also analyzed data from 2,152 TikTok influencers and saw engagement jump by over 27 percent on average from February to March. This rise in engagement is good for influencers who are trying to make a name for themselves, but on the contrary, the content in which they are producing is not always beneficial to its audience. For example, Tik Tok is an app with a bunch of videos and you just scroll down to see the next one so it is VERY easy to lose track of time on it. I have noticed that since this quarantine began, the only content I see is workout videos and healthy foods for weight loss. Girls on this app strive for a “glow up”, and don’t get me wrong I am all for self-improvement, but when you stare at the screen for hours on end looking at this type of content, it can get very toxic. I am trying to stay away from social media, or at least decrease the amount of time that I use on it, so I can focus on what is really important and maintain a healthy mindset.

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