COVID-19 Media Impact

Throughout the past month or so we as a whole world have been experiencing something that no one could have ever predicted.  The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become one of the biggest pandemics the world has ever seen and this virus has done nothing but bad things to our world this past month or so.  When I first heard about COVID-19 was when the cases first came out in Italy. I did not think much about it because I thought ‘oh a virus in Italy can not possibly affect the United States’ but COVID-19 has spread and has not stopped spreading.  

When the virus started to expand out into other countries people started to take more precaution and started to cancel all different types of events.  When I knew that the virus really was a problem and I should start to worry about it was when I was watching the NBA one night and there was breaking news that Adam Silver, the Comminishner of the NBA, was going to suspend the season indefinitely because there were cases being confirmed of players contracting the virus themselves.  This was when I felt, personally, the virus could actually start becoming a massive issue because when I first found out about COVID-19 I did not want to listen to the media, when they would say that people who are generally healthy are way less likely to pass away. I think of myself as a healthy man so when I was those basketball players starting to contract the virus it really showed how serious COVID-19 actually was.  

To wrap things up, I believe that with COVID-19 affecting everyone and how the new we are all going to have to adjust to the new way of life which is social distancing.  I think over the past month or so I have found myself using social media a lot more than I usually do because of all the free time that we have now. I have tried my best to stay away from COVID-19 news because I have seen and heard so much about it lately and am kind of sick hearing all of it.  

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