Everyone freak out: COVID-19

I was working just the other day, when this boy looked at me and said how he was starting to realize he needs in a change in lifestyle, because the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t effect his lifestyle at all. I sat back and thought of just how many people were not effected by this outbreak at all… and then I thought of the individuals whose lives were greatly changed, who don’t have money right now to pay bills.

7 funny cartoons about coronavirus hoarding
I have noticed changes in society and just how the media is being effected by this pandemic. I am most intrigued by the panic of Americans across the country to prepare for an Apocalypse. The fact of toilet paper running out before soap, and normal paper towels blows my mind. One thing which I think the media can do nowadays is sway a public opinion. It is too easy to sway the internet mind, and this is because users think that every source is a reliable source.

In changing from the in class learning model to the remote learning model, it has definitely been an adjustment. One improvement, is my standard of living. The freshman dorms at the colleges are very unhealthy to live in, as time goes on, these non ideal living characteristics can really make you want to lose your mind. Other than that, every other effect seems to be negative. I need to converse with people everyday. Being in isolation makes it so that you are really only seeing your family all day long. As much as I love all of them… seeing anyone 24/7 is too much for me!

I only get one college freshman year spring in my whole lifetime, and it just got erased. When I think with this mindset, it really saddens me to think of all the memories I am missing out on just rotting in my home. Although at this point the pandemic seems semi normal, it was just so hard for me to truly understand what was happening when it was happening. The day before classes got cancelled I really thought there was a zero percent chance of that. Coming home, everyone is pretty confused and asking themselves the same questions: Is this actually happening? What would I be doing if this Corona virus never struck? When I first found out we were moving to a remote style my first reaction was to laugh. It didn’t seem real for a while.

“When talking about the public, one must ask if there is only one public. When United States President Bush addresses the public, he’s not conceptualizing the same public as Zimbabwe President Mugabe(Boyd, 6)”.

Boyd, Danah. (2007) “Why Youth (Heart) Social Network Sites: The Role of Networked Publics in Teenage Social Life.” MacArthur Foundation Series on Digital Learning – Youth, Identity, and Digital Media Volume (ed. David Buckingham). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. (file:///C:/Users/15854/Downloads/danah%20boyd%20WhyYouthHeart%20(1).pdf)

This quote got me thinking in a different aspect which I felt worth writing for, Countries across the World have always had their own domestic issues. Countries across the World also have different opinions on the many aspects of human life, making each nation unique. Every time a Nation’s leader addresses their people or their “public” it is specialized toward their own problems.

Now, there is a global problem where every single nation has the same problem. When our nations leader goes to address the “public” now, it really isn’t just the United States who the information is concerning, it is the whole World. When media becomes global, it can sometimes create a finer line between ethnicity. However, more times than not I think global media is really unifying the world. Citizens across the world from each other can be watching the same video, hearing the same information. This is why I really hope this global pandemic in the end of it all better unifies the nations around the World.

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