Welcome to our blog!

Welcome! For the rest of the semester, this blog will serve as our virtual classroom. We will maintain it to summarize remaining readings, reflect on these readings, and answer any emerging questions. 

In media studies, blogs are not new. They have been around longer than current college students, with the first notable blogs dating back to the 1990s. Blogs predate Silicon Valley’s social media corporations and the push for the monetization of our online connectivity. Blogs are important because they have a legacy of vocalizing new voices and transforming information distribution. They also teach us about the ability of the mainstream culture to absorb marginal cultures. Once this happens, media users often are the ones to lose (consider changes to Google search algorithm in 2011, which categorized many blogs as insignificant sources of knowledge).  

In light of changes the COVID-19 virus is having on education, this blog will pursue several goals: 

  • It will help you finalize an understanding of key terms in media studies. To this effect, we will keep using Pecha Kucha presentations and I will regularly provide slides to walk you through key arguments in assigned readings. 
  • It will help you work collaboratively as a community of learners. In time of intensified social distancing, this blog can become one of your lifelines and a way out of familiar social networks. 
  • It will help you refine your research skills through a series of written posts.
  • It will help you experiment with a range of media production skills (the writing of this blog itself is a form of media production). 
  • It will help you reflect on your  personal media encounters with critical awareness. To enhance this goal, an option will be given to you to bring your experiences of using various forms of media during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

So, how do you create a post on this blog? Here is a clear breakdown of steps you should take.

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